We are committed to editorial independence and to promoting scientific research integrity.

Throughout the entire editorial process we strive to prevent conflicts of interest, or any other business or political influence.

Authors should comply with the high ethics standards of scientifc research, including those set out by the Open Access and Common Creative ethic codes and by the University of Bucharest’s Ethics Code.

We expect our reviewers to comply with the minimal standards outlined in the COPE Ethical guidelines for peer reviewers.

Plagiarism, duplicate publication of the authors’ own work in whole or in part without proper citation, falsification of data, misuse of data sources and data collections are unacceptable practices and they are forbidden by the journal's ethical principles. Authorship of texts should be undisputed when submitting the manuscript for evaluation (check the COPE guidelines for authorship disputes)

Authors declare their compliance with these ethical standards through individual contracts (Publication acceptance form). These have to be signed by the corresponding author when the articles is accepted for publication. An accepted article is published only after the corresponding author signs the contract.

Originality of Manuscripts

Submitted manuscripts must present original research work. Submitted manuscripts cannot be published in whole or in part in other publications, nor can they be under consideration elsewhere.

Since 2020, all manuscripts are checked for plagiarism using an anti-plagiarism software before sending them for review, as well as before publication.

Conflict of interests & sources of funding

Authors should declare the funding sources, as well as the potential conflict of interests that could interfere with the objectivity or integrity of their research.

Reviewers should declare potential competing, or conflicting, interests.


Anyone who believes that research published by this journal has not been carried out in line with ethical guidelines may raise their concern with the editorial team at Published articles may be retracted for the reasons listed in and in accordance with the COPE retraction guidelines.


There are no fees for processing or publishing articles in this journal. For reviews, we rely exclusively on pro bono collegial input. All articles published in this journal are open access.